Amanda Monaco

Front-end developer.

Creative thinker.

Problem solver.


My name is Amanda and I am a Toronto-based front-end web developer. I am passionate about creating and building websites using HTML5, CSS3/Sass, JavaScript, jQuery and Responsive Design. I pride myself on writing clean and semantic code, to produce functional and accessible websites.

I left the world of law to pursue my love of code, after I found myself using any and all spare time to play around in my text-editor. The daily challenges and constant learning experiences that web development brings is what keeps me excited to do what I do every single day. That, and building super awesome things on the Internet.

Featured Work

jQuery Plugin

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Responsive Design

Using JavaScript and the jQuery library to build a dynamic plugin which allows you to make any text on your page tweetable! Full documentation is provided.

RESTful API Web App

HTML, CSS, Sass, JavaScript, jQuery, Responsive Design,

Harnessing the power of the the Yummly API to generate a variety of pineapple specific recipes.

PSD to Responsive Website

HTML, CSS, Sass, Responsive Design

This is a responsive website based off of a PSD design. Using my own original web designs, I was able to create unique and practical layouts for the tablet and mobile platforms.

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